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 Series — Box: 65
Identifier: GV028-07
Abstract Student political intellectual newspaper published by a student organization of the same name. Almanac was intended to stimulate the minds of readers, present a broad range of issues, and serve as a problem solving and information organization. Published October 26, 1977 and November 8, 1977.


 Series — Box: 66-69
Identifier: GV028-08
Abstract Student literary publication of writings, artwork, and photography submitted by students and selected by the editors. Succeeded by Italics and Fishladder. Missing issues 1973, 1981, 1983-1988.

Babylon Free Press, The

 Series — Box: 70
Identifier: GV028-09
Abstract Radical political student alternative newspaper published as a collective effort by the Duck-Pond Coop. Published in 3 issues from February 17, March 10, and April 20, 1971.

Belletristic Journal

 Series — Box: 70
Identifier: GV028-10
Abstract A forum for the creative talents of the students of GVSU. 1998.


 Series — Box: 70
Identifier: GV028-11
Abstract Collection of student literature published by Ellipsis, a student literary organization. 1995-1996.

Bulb, The

 Series — Box: 71
Identifier: GV028-12
Abstract Newsletter published by the students of the biomedical communications program after the GVSC reorganization. May 1983.

CR Views

 Series — Box: 71
Identifier: GV028-13
Abstract Single issue GVSU College Republicans news and op-ed collection. October 1998.

EOS: The New Goddess of Dawn

 Series — Box: 71
Identifier: GV028-14
Abstract Student alternative newspaper of opinion and communication. Published May 9, 1966.


 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV028-15
Abstract A student journal of art, writing, and photography. Continuation of Italics and Amaranthus. 2003-present.

Free Press

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-16
Abstract Student political newsletter published in response to the arrest of the Lanthorn editor for obscenity. Published December 5, 1968.

Guardian, The

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-17
Abstract Student newspaper of responsible and objective journalism published in response to the arrest of the Lanthorn editor for obscenity. Published in 4 issues from November 26, 1968-Janurary 23, 1969.

GVSC Sampler

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-18
Abstract Interim issue of the student newspaper published after Keystone to introduce The Valley View. It was combined with The Valley View. It followed the Keystone as the student paper and introduced the smaller weekly format published in October as the Valley View. 1966.

GVSC Student Life Magazine

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-19
Abstract Student magazine of photographs and information about on-campus events and student life during 1971.

Harpoon, The

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-20
Abstract Student satirical newspaper published to express ideas and foster student discussion. 1993-1996.

Insider: The Voice of Student Concern

 Series — Box: 75
Identifier: GV028-21
Abstract Publication of the Executive Committee of the All-College Student Congress.


 Series — Box: 76
Identifier: GV028-22
Abstract Publication of writings, artwork, and photography submitted by students. Succeeded Amaranthus and preceded Fishladder. 2000-2002.


 Series — Box: 77
Identifier: GV028-23
Abstract Monthly GVSC supported student newspaper. Succeeded by GVSC Sampler on September 20, 1966, and then The Valley View on October 28, 1966.


 Series — Box: 1-15
Identifier: GV028-24
Abstract Student newspaper. Continuation of Keystone, GVSC Sampler, and The Valley View. 1968-present.

Liberator, The

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-25
Abstract Student alternative newspaper published to raise issues of importance to students at GVSC. Published December 3, 1968 for 1 issue.

Liberty Starts Thursday

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-26
Abstract Student arts journal. Student literary publication published as GVSC's only literary magazine. Published March 1984 for 1 issue.

Neostreet Arts

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-27
Abstract Art, poetry, and literature publication. November 1982


 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-28
Abstract Student journal of opinion. Published on October 1967 for 1 issue.

Orange Rymd

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-29
Abstract Literary publication of writings submitted by students and chosen for publication by editors. 1973.

Rant, The

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-30
Abstract Student alternative newspaper published in 2000 as "a University Satire sponsored by: The Student Voice", and in 2002 published by and for the GVSU community serving as an open forum for ideas, news, and opinions. 2000-2002.

Rubicon, The

 Series — Box: 78
Identifier: GV028-31
Abstract Student alternative newspaper published as "the radical democratic voice of the student citizen". One issue was produced in 1979 by former Thomas Jefferson College students after that program was disbanded. 1979.

Valley View, The

 Series — Box: 79
Identifier: GV028-32
Abstract Weekly student newspaper supported by GVSC and published from October 28, 1966-June 6, 1968. On May 29, 1968, the editors published one issue of the Valley View News glimpse primarily to summarize election results. Continuation of Keystone, renamed Lanthorn later that year. 1966-1968.


 Series — Box: 79
Identifier: GV028-33
Abstract Collection of writings by members of GVSU's Writer's Club. 2005.

Wake Up!

 Series — Box: 80
Identifier: GV028-34
Abstract Student alternative newspaper published as a "non-secretarian radical underground newspaper" of art, poetry, articles, and political commentary. Self-published occasionally between September 1982-March 1985. Flyers were printed from 1984 issue. 1982-1985.


 Series — Box: 81
Identifier: GV028-35
Abstract Publication of creative and academic submissions by feminist student organization Sister.

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