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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 295 Collections and/or Records:

University Accreditation reports

Identifier: GV004-07
Overview Reports, self-assessments, applications, strategic plans, and other documents relating to the institutional and departmental accreditation of Grand Valley State University.

Academic Calendar

 Series — Box 81: [aspace.r.139.Box.81]
Identifier: GV028-39
Abstract The Academic Calendar was a calendar that marked various campus events and was distributed to the Grand Valley community for the academic year and later for each semester. A later version of the Academic Calendar was created for the 2002-2003 academic year.

Action Yellowpages

 Series — Box 110: [aspace.r.228.Box.110]
Identifier: GV068-05
Abstract Student Activities semester resource guide-at-a-glance followed by GV Guide.

Advance Suburban Life

 Collection — Reel 1-3: [aspace.r.598.reel.1-3]
Identifier: RHP-41
Collection Description Collection contains microfilmed issues of Advance Suburban Life from 1982 to 1987.

Afro-American Gazette

Identifier: RHP-24
Scope and Contents Published to serve the African American community in West Michigan. Published as Take Pride! Community after 1995.


 Series — Box 65: [aspace.r.107.Box.65]
Identifier: GV028-07
Abstract Student political intellectual newspaper published by a student organization of the same name. Almanac was intended to stimulate the minds of readers, present a broad range of issues, and serve as a problem solving and information organization. Published October 26, 1977 and November 8, 1977.

Alumni directories

Identifier: GV008-01
Abstract Directories of names, addresses, year graduated, degree, and occupation of alumni of Grand Valley State College, Colleges, or University. Later directories have phone number, email address, and family information. Also includes reunion directories for the pioneer class of 1967, as well as class of 1969. Reunion years include 1968, 1986, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003

Alumni Magazine

Identifier: GV008-03
Abstract Publication of the Alumni Office. Official publication of GVSC Alumni Association containing GVSC news, updates on campus life, and connection opportunities. Formerly titled Alumni Office Magazine. Spring 1970-Fall 1970


 Series — Box 66-69: [aspace.r.108.Box.66-69]
Identifier: GV028-08
Abstract Student literary publication of writings, artwork, and photography submitted by students and selected by the editors. Succeeded by Italics and Fishladder. Missing issues 1973, 1981, 1983-1988.

Annual class schedules

Identifier: GV025-01
Abstract Class schedules include some from Thomas Jefferson College and William James College. Catalogs offered online only after 2007.

Annual Health Report: Transforming Health Care

 Series — Box 1
Identifier: GV048-01
Overview Grand Valley State University is the major provider of health care professionals in the West Michigan area. The Office of the Vice Provost for Health oversees the programs, centers, departments, and labs relating to health services education. The Annual Health Report was first published in 2014 and highlights examples of GVSU's health innovations and accomplishments in education, research, practice, and service.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Identifier: GV249-01
Overview Annual Security and Fire Safety Report provides an overview of University campus security and safety resources, protocols, policies and procedures. Security materials include campus security and personal safety information, timely warning notice policy, crime rates and statistics for the previous three years, FBI definitions of crime categories, emergency response and evacuation, missing student notification policy, sexual assault procedures, police and security services, reporting criminal...


 Series — Box 81: [aspace.r.137.Box.81]
Identifier: GV028-37
Abstract Collaborative newsletter by Advising Resource Center and Multicultural Affairs Office.

Area Studies Center Newsletter

 Series — Box 125: [aspace.r.250.Box.125]
Identifier: GV075-01
Abstract Combined newsletter for Africa and African American Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East Studies.

Arts Alive

 Series — Box 59: [aspace.r.76.Box.59]
Identifier: GV017-07
Abstract Newsletter for Community for Arts Center of Thomas Jefferson College containing information about theatre, music, and the arts. Published 7 times a year. September 1974-May 1975.

Arts and Humanities News

 Series — Box 85: [aspace.r.155.Box.85]
Identifier: GV034-04
Abstract Continuation of Humanities News, Research and Development Center newsletter.

Author Recognition Bibliography

 Series — Box 1
Identifier: GV043-08
Scope and Contents Starting in 2007, Grand Valley State University Libraries has annually recognized and honored faculty and staff who published work within the past year. Publication examples include books, chapters, articles, proceeding papers, visual media, short stories, or other published work. A printed bibliography citing accomplishments is created in conjunction with this event.

Babylon Free Press, The

 Series — Box 70: [aspace.r.109.Box.70]
Identifier: GV028-09
Abstract Radical political student alternative newspaper published as a collective effort by the Duck-Pond Coop. Published in 3 issues from February 17, March 10, and April 20, 1971.

Belarusian Digest

Identifier: RHP-23
Scope and Contents Published monthly by Belarusian Digest to serve the Belarusian speaking community in West Michigan.

Belletristic Journal

 Series — Box 70: [aspace.r.110.Box.70]
Identifier: GV028-10
Abstract A forum for the creative talents of the students of GVSU. 1998.

Bits & Bytes

 Series — Box 97: [aspace.r.188.Box.97]
Identifier: GV045-03
Abstract Occasional news publication of Information Technology.

Boccaccio's Discourse

 Series — Box 127: [aspace.r.427.Box.127]
Identifier: GV243-01
Abstract The Grand Valley Writing Center, part of the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors, was created in 1979. It began as a student academic tutoring resource that was introduced along with the SWS program. Boccaccio's Discourse began in 1996 and ended after the 1999-2000 academic year, but changed the title to Write Club at the beginning of the 2000-2001 academic year. Collection contains issues of the newsletter.


 Series — Box 70: [aspace.r.111.Box.70]
Identifier: GV028-11
Abstract Collection of student literature published by Ellipsis, a student literary organization. 1995-1996.

Bridge, The

 Series — Box 108: [aspace.r.208.Box.108]
Identifier: GV056-07
Abstract Career Services Office bi-annual newsletter for and by faculty. Winter 1996-Winter 2004.

Bronze Mirror, The

 Series — Box 125: [aspace.r.252.Box.125]
Identifier: GV075-03

Bulb, The

 Series — Box 71: [aspace.r.112.Box.71]
Identifier: GV028-12
Abstract Newsletter published by the students of the biomedical communications program after the GVSC reorganization. May 1983.

Bull Frog Pond

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV017-08
Abstract Information about campus events, advice to Thomas Jefferson College students, op-ed pieces. The name was brought back in 1995 for a special edition sent out to TJC alumni containing a history of TJC, reconnection opportunities, and works submitted by TJC alumni. Succeeded by TJC Newsletter following suspension of the program. 1970-1973, 1995.

Business Direct Weekly

Identifier: RHP-34
Scope and Contents Published to serve the West Michigan business community. Subsequently published as Michigan Business Review.

Business Outlook: The Quarterly Report for West Michigan

 Series — Box 91: [aspace.r.168.Box.91]
Identifier: GV035-08
Abstract Quarterly journal published by the Upjohn Institute and the Seidman School of Business to assess and project business activity in the West Michigan area. (Collaboration with GVSU).

Campus Connection events calendar

 Series — Box 111: [aspace.r.230.Box.111]
Identifier: GV068-07
Abstract Student Activities events guide-at-a-glance monthly calendar.

Campus Connection Magazine

 Series — Box 111: [aspace.r.231.Box.111]
Identifier: GV068-08
Abstract Student Activities events guide-at-a-glance monthly magazine.

Campus Wellness

 Series — Box 109: [aspace.r.212.Box.109]
Identifier: GV062-02
Abstract Office of Health, Recreation and Wellness newsletter.

Capt. Crisis Access Handbook (Delta Access)

 Series — Box 52: [aspace.r.59.Box.52]
Identifier: GV016-06
Abstract Guide to the solution of common problems and a resource guide published with Urban and Environmental Studies Institute. Contained information about resources to help with life's problems such as being evicted or job hunting. Summer 1973.

Capt. Crisis Survival Handbook (Delta Access)

 Series — Box 52: [aspace.r.60.Box.52]
Identifier: GV016-07
Abstract Second issue of the guide to the solution of common problems and resource guide published with the Urban and Environmental Studies Institute.

Career News

 Series — Box 102: [aspace.r.204.Box.102]
Identifier: GV056-03
Abstract Continuation of GVSC Career Newsletter by Counseling Center and Placement Office and Student Employment Office.

Career Newsletter

 Series — Box 102: [aspace.r.203.Box.102]
Identifier: GV056-02
Abstract Continuation of GVSC Career News by Career Planning and Counseling Center. Designed to piece together current trend and interesting developments in the area of career planning. 1979-January 1991.

Career Pathfinder: Planning your career at Grand Valley

 Series — Box 102: [aspace.r.206.Box.102]
Identifier: GV056-05

Center for Continuing Education annual report

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.96.Box.1]
Identifier: GV026-03
Abstract This annual report is a summary of the continuing education activities conducted during the 1978-1979 fiscal year. The report represents a variety of academic units that extend programs to evening and off campus students. A review of the programs and relevant statistical data are included.

CIV Student Newsletter

 Series — Box 65: [aspace.r.84.Box.65]
Identifier: GV018-02
Abstract Newsletter by the students of College IV.

Clear Hooter

 Series — Box 6-8: [aspace.r.30.Box.6-8]
Identifier: GV012-06
Abstract A daily news-gram reporting on campus events and announcements supplementing the student newspaper, the Lanthorn. Succeeded by Daily Events in 1981. Spring 1970-Fall 1980

Clio's Register

 Series — Box 98: [aspace.r.190.Box.98]
Identifier: GV051-01

Coalition News

Identifier: GV031-13
Abstract Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education monthly publication. Other titles include Science Update (1979-1986); Science & Mathematics Update (1987-1993); and InterChange (1994- present).


 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV030-01
Abstract A biannual publication for education professionals exploring pertinent issues in education such as legislation and teaching methods. Fall 1997-present.

College of Student Affairs Leadership

 Series — Box 1
Identifier: GV030-04
Scope and Contents "Celebrating Twenty Years" publication of the College Student Affairs Leadership program in the Grand Valley State University College of Education

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences annual and quadrennial reports

Identifier: GV034-01
Abstract The series contains the Quadrennial Report of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2004-2006) and the Scholarly and Creative Achievements in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2009, 2016-2017). Included in the reports are student scholars and highlights of grants and scholarly achievements.

Combined Sewer Overflows in the Grand River Watershed

 Series — Box 49: [aspace.r.50.Box.49]
Identifier: GV014-04
Abstract A publication of the Grand River Watershed Program, Water Resources Institute.

Commencement programs

Identifier: GV002-12
Scope and Contents Series contains Grand Valley State Commencement Ceremony programs from beginning in 1968.

Commercial Quarterly (CQ)

Identifier: RHP-33
Scope and Contents Published to serve the West Michigan commercial development and real estate magazine.


 Series — Box 92: [aspace.r.170.Box.92]
Identifier: GV036-02
Abstract The College of Community and Public Service was formed in 2004 as part of the reorganization, which brought together the five already existing units into one college: The School of Criminal Justice; School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration; School of Social Work; Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management; and the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy. A biannual newsletter of the College of Community and Public Service.

Communicator, The

 Series — Box 49: [aspace.r.40.Box.49]
Identifier: GV012-18
Abstract Digest of information from the Communication Module's Publication Office.


 Series — Box 24: [aspace.r.80.Box.24]
Identifier: GV017-11
Abstract Weekly newsletter for Thomas Jefferson College containing announcements and event calenders. 1977-1979.

Computer Services Bulletin/Computer Center Newsletter

 Series — Box 97: [aspace.r.187.Box.97]
Identifier: GV045-02
Abstract Newsletter of the Computer Center/Information Technology, also University Computing Newsletter.

Coopersville Observer

Identifier: RHP-04
Scope and Contents Published since 1880, serving the Coopersville area.

Counseling Student Development Center Newsletter

 Series — Box 102: [aspace.r.205.Box.102]
Identifier: GV056-04
Abstract Counseling and Student Development Center of Student Services quarterly newsletter.

Course catalogs

Identifier: GV025-02
Abstract Undergraduate and graduate course catalogs distributed to incoming students to provide students with information and guidance for enrollment. Includes some catalogs for William James College, College IV, School of General Studies, and Transfer Student Guidebook, 2003. Graduate Bulletins published separately from 1986.

CR Views

 Series — Box 71: [aspace.r.113.Box.71]
Identifier: GV028-13
Abstract Single issue GVSU College Republicans news and op-ed collection. October 1998.

Cultural News

 Series — Box 109: [aspace.r.220.Box.109]
Identifier: GV066-02
Abstract Office of Minority Affairs/Multicultural Center. Predecessor to OMA Newsletter.

Daily Blueline

 Series — Box 52: [aspace.r.58.Box.52]
Identifier: GV016-05
Abstract Daily newsletter to foster communication. Handwritten by the William James College community.

Daily Events

 Series — Box 9-12: [aspace.r.31.Box.9-12]
Identifier: GV012-07
Abstract A daily bulletin published Monday-Friday reporting on and detailing campus events and announcements. September 1981-Winter 1990.

Dedicated to our aquatic resources: A history of the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute

 Series — Box 49: [aspace.r.52.Box.49]
Identifier: GV014-06
Abstract The Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute was formally established in 1985 to continue a program formed in 1967 when a research vessell was donated by D.J. Angus. The vessel was dedicated to the study of Lake Michigan's water chemistry and aquatic life by Grand Valley students and faculty. This history of the Water Resources Institute in Muskegon, Michigan was written by Gordon Olson.


 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV062-03
Abstract Telephone directories for faculty and staff. Early directories included students. Also includes Ethnic Directory, 1994; Diversity Directory, 2007; Disability Reference Guide, 2005; GVSU Resources, 1993-1994.

Division of Arts and Humanities annual report

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.210.Box.1]
Identifier: GV061-01
Abstract This annual report of the Division of Arts and Humanities (now College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) was presented to the Board of Trustees. The report contains a divisional report from the dean, unit reports from each department, and tables that depict the amount of student hours taught and Arts and Humanities majors.

DSG : Do Something Guide

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV068-12

East Grand Rapids Cadence

 Collection — Reel 1-6: [aspace.r.600.reel.1-6]
Identifier: RHP-43
Collection Descriptions Collection contains microfilmed issues of the East Grand Rapids Cadence newspaper from November 1992 to May 1994.

El Hispano

Identifier: RHP-22
Scope and Contents Published weekly in Spanish serving Michigan’s Hispanic communities.

El Vocero

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RHP-07
Scope and Contents Published weekly in Spanish serving Michigan’s Hispanic communities. Collection contains microfilmed issues from 1993-2003 and paper issues from 1993 to the present day.

Electric Gazette

Identifier: GV010-02
Abstract Monthly publication prepared for educators participating in ITV. Programming guides for instructional television on GVSC's public television station, WGVC. 1974-1980.

Enlightenment: The Arts

 Series — Box 126: [aspace.r.254.Box.126]
Identifier: GV077-01
Abstract Faculty newspaper devoted to the arts at GVSC published by Fine Arts Department of the School of Art & Design. March 1969.

EOS: The New Goddess of Dawn

 Series — Box 71: [aspace.r.114.Box.71]
Identifier: GV028-14
Abstract Student alternative newspaper of opinion and communication. Published May 9, 1966.

ESP News

 Series — Box 81: [aspace.r.138.Box.81]
Identifier: GV028-38
Abstract Educational Support Program newsletter.

Faculty Guide for General Education Program

Identifier: GV072-02
Abstract Manual of guidelines for faculty in the General Education program. Series also includes a General Education Program Enrollment Report for the 2003-2004 academic year.

Faculty Handbook

 Series — Box 1-5: [aspace.r.8.Box.1-5]
Identifier: GV004-01
Abstract Faculty Handbook of policies and procedures for Grand Valley faculty. Published online after 2005.

Family Guide

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.4.Box.1]
Identifier: GV002-01
Abstract Annual guide for parents of new students provides orientation, advice, and information regarding the transition of their child into a Grand Valley Student.


 Series — Box 52: [aspace.r.64.Box.52]
Identifier: GV016-11
Abstract William James College student published non-profit newsletter for the visual media.


 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: GV028-15
Abstract A student journal of art, writing, and photography. Continuation of Italics and Amaranthus. 2003-present.

Focus Foods (Delta Access)

 Series — Box 52: [aspace.r.61.Box.52]
Identifier: GV016-08
Abstract Newspaper of food resources within the Delta area (Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon) published in conjunction with the Urban and Environmental Studies Institute.


Identifier: GV012-11
Abstract Faculty/staff weekly, summer bi-monthly newsletter published by the News & Information Services. 1976-present. Preceded by GV Memorandum.

Free Press

 Series — Box 75: [aspace.r.116.Box.75]
Identifier: GV028-16
Abstract Student political newsletter published in response to the arrest of the Lanthorn editor for obscenity. Published December 5, 1968.

Fruitport Area News

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RHP-09
Scope and Contents Published monthly serving Fruitport and Sullivan Townships. Merged with Township News and Times in 2001 continuing to publish as Fruitport Area News. Collection contains microfilmed issues from 1983 to 1993, and paper issues from 2001 to the present day.

Gender Matters

 Series — Box 125: [aspace.r.249.Box.125]
Identifier: GV074-02
Abstract Women and Gender Studies newsletter.

Global Connections

 Series — Box 99: [aspace.r.196.Box.99]
Identifier: GV053-04
Abstract The Padnos International Center (PIC) was formerly the Office of International Studies in 1970, the office has helped centralize responsibility for the development and administration of international exchange activities sponsored by GVSC. In 1974 the office was given the status of independent institute under the name of Global Education Institute, which changed its name again in 1979 to Center for International Studies. In 1984 the Office of International Affairs (later Studies) was founded and...

Global GVSU: Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

Identifier: GV053-07
Abstract Resource guide for faculty and staff of the Padnos International Center. Guide includes information on opportunities to study abroad, develop international partnerships, and on grant, teaching, and sabbatical opportunities. Titled Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff until 2014, when it was renamed to Global GVSU: Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff.

Good Writing

 Series — Box 126: [aspace.r.255.Box.126]
Identifier: GV078-01
Abstract Publication of the English Department, Division of Arts & Humanities, GVSC. Essays, poems, and stories are classwork and submissions.

Graduate Director's Handbook

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.176.Box.1]
Identifier: GV042-02
Abstract This handbook is a guide for graduate program management that covers administrative duties, application and admission processes, research and thesis guidelines, as well as general rules.

Graduate Student Celebration and Graduate Dean's Citations for Academic Excellence

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.178.Box.1]
Identifier: GV042-04
Abstract This publication is produced by the Office of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the Graduate and Professional Student Association. The publication is produced for an event held each semester and includes an awards ceremony list and names of each student graduating along with their thesis abstract.

Graduate Student Guidebook

 Series — Box 1: [aspace.r.177.Box.1]
Identifier: GV042-03
Abstract This informal guide for new graduate students was prepared in response to the suggestions of many graduate students, communicated through surveys, forums, and face-to-face meetings. The guidebook contains an office directory, where to turn for advice or guidance, program options, and when matters related to an individual's graduate program should be acted on.

Grand Rapids Family

Identifier: RHP-32
Scope and Contents Published monthly serving Michigan’s parents and families since 1989.

Grand Rapids Times

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RHP-01
Scope and Contents Published weekly since 1957 serving the black communities of Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon and Battle Creek. Collection contains microfilmed issues from 1970 to 1992, and paper issues from 1994 to the present day.

Grand Valley Advance

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RHP-13
Scope and Contents Published weekly between 1997 and 2002 serving the Grandville, Jenison, Hudsonville, Jamestown and Borculo areas. In 2002 divided into regional papers including Grand Valley Advance East, Grand Valley Advance West and Ottawa Advance. In 2007 area Advances merged again under the title Grand Valley Advance, serving Allendale, Borculo, Grandville, Georgetown Township, Hudsonville,...

Grand Valley Alumni

Identifier: GV008-02
Collection Description Quarterly Alumni Office newsletter sent to alumni containing Grand Valley updates, reconnection and event opportunities, and other news pertinent to alumni. Fall 1983-Summer 1988.

Grand Valley Charter Schools report

Identifier: GV065-01
Abstract Grand Valley Charter Schools report of Charter Schools managed by the Board of Trustees through Grand Valley's Charter schools office. The report and directory includes descriptions of each charter school and statistical information about the programs.

Grand Valley COTA Newsletter/COTA The Newsletter

 Series — Box 125: [aspace.r.247.Box.125]
Identifier: GV073-01
Abstract Michigan Educational Support Personnel Association/Clerical Office Technical Association newsletter for GV COTs.

Grand Valley East Advance

Identifier: RHP-14
Scope and Contents Published weekly serving the Grandville, Jenison and Georgetown Township areas. Merged in 2007 to Grand Valley Advance and then The Advance.

Grand Valley Journal (Ravenna)

 Collection — Reel 1: [aspace.r.594.reel.1]
Identifier: RHP-37
Collection Description Ravenna, Michigan's Grand Valley Journal was published by Clinton Beckwith beginning in 1974. It may have been continued by the Clipper in 1976. Collection contains microfilmed issues from 1974 to 1975.

Grand Valley Labor News

Identifier: RHP-11
Scope and Contents Published monthly as labor’s voice in Kent, Montcalm, Ottawa, Ionia, Barry, Allegan & Muskegon Counties. Founded July 28, 1955. Subsequently published as Work in Progress in 2011.

Grand Valley Ledger (Lowell)

 Collection — Reel 1-5: [aspace.r.596.reel.1-5]
Identifier: RHP-39
Collection Description Collection contains microfilmed issues of Grand Valley Ledger (Lowell) from 1975 to 1987.