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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 449 Collections and/or Records:

Michigan Place Names card files

 Collection — Box 1-15: [Barcode: aspace.r.436.Box.1-15]
Identifier: RHC-03
Collection Description The card index of Michigan place names may include the following fields of information: Place name, map source, latitude, longitude, elevation, township, range quarter, remarks and researcher initials. Each card also has a category for the type of place (river, mountain, plain, city, dry river bed, church, lake, railroad). Copies of the Geological Survey map can be found in the control file.
Dates: 1984 - 1984

Michigan Regional Science Olympiad program files

 Series — Box 1-2: [Barcode: aspace.r.149.Box.1-2]
Identifier: GV031-04
Abstract The Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC) serves students, teachers, parents, school districts, business and industry and other organizations interested and involved in mathematics and science education. Included are programs and other materials related to the Michigan Regional Science Olympiad held at Grand Valley annually from 1985.
Dates: 1985 - 2016

Michigan Soldiers’ Home postal cancellations and postcards

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: aspace.r.480.Box.1]
Identifier: RHC-53
Collection Description The collection includes envelopes and postcards cancelled by the Michigan Soldiers’ Home post office. Each page of the collection contains the item and a typed explanation of the cancel. The collection also includes images of the Soldiers Home and letters and postcards to and from residents of the home collected separately.
Dates: 1900-1913

Michigan Times (Grand Rapids)

 Collection — Reel 1-8: [Barcode: aspace.r.601.reel.1-8]
Identifier: RHP-44
Collection Description Collection contains microfilmed issues of the Michigan Times newspaper of Grand Rapids from January 1938 to December 1962.
Dates: Publication: January 7, 1938 - December 15, 1962

Michigan Women's Times

Identifier: RHP-31
Scope and Contents Published for women in Michigan, “A record and confirmation of women’s voices.”
Dates: Publication: 1994-1995

MICUP Newsletter

 Series — Box 109: [Barcode: aspace.r.223.Box.109]
Identifier: GV067-02
Abstract Newsletter for GVSU and Muskegon Community College students.
Dates: 1995

Milton Ford LGBT Resource Center Director files

Identifier: GV060-01
Overview Milton E. Ford (1942-2014), professor of liberal studies at Grand Valley and founding director of the university’s LGBT Resource Center, joined Grand Valley’s faculty in 1973 and celebrated receiving his 40-year service award in December 2013. A compassionate teacher and lifelong researcher, Ford will best be remembered for leading efforts to integrate the LGBT community with university academics and its student life. Ford also served as faculty advisor to Out N About, Grand Valley’s...
Dates: 1998 - 2014

Milton Ford LGBT Resource Center program videos

Identifier: GV060-03
Scope and Contents Series contains video DVDs of lectures and events hosted by the Milton Ford LGBT Resource Center from 2009 to 2016.
Dates: 2009 - 2016

Monday Dispatch

 Series — Box 84: [Barcode: aspace.r.143.Box.84]
Identifier: GV030-02
Abstract Newsletter containing news and announcements regarding the School of Education. September 1999-June 2001.
Dates: 1999-2001

Monthly BIL

 Series — Box 109: [Barcode: aspace.r.221.Box.109]
Identifier: GV066-03
Abstract Newsletter of black, Indian, and Latino activities at GVS published by the Office of Minority Affairs.
Dates: 1980

More, The

 Series — Box 51: [Barcode: aspace.r.56.Box.51]
Identifier: GV016-03
Abstract Journal on culture, education, and society published by William James College.
Dates: 1976

Morton Manufacturing Company records

Identifier: RHC-20
Collection Description The collection documents contract work during the 1940s and 1950s with Westinghouse, General Electric, steel companies, the auto industry and U.S. Navy yards in California and Virginia. Master group sheet forms include contract number, group name and number, drawing number, and machine type. Contract files contain plans and drawings, correspondence, and purchase orders. A description of the plant at that time by a representative of The Weekly Muskegon Chronicle is included in the collection.
Dates: 1941-1954

Muse, The

 Series — Box 84: [Barcode: aspace.r.153.Box.84]
Identifier: GV034-02
Abstract Arts & Humanities newsletter.
Dates: 2000-2002

National Poetry Festival files

Identifier: GV017-13
Abstract The National Poetry Festival, organized by Grand Valley faculty Robert Vas Dias as a program of the Thomas Jefferson College, was a 10-day experience of art, poetry, and engagement with artistic personalities. Workshops, discussions, readings, related performances and exhibits were held during the summer on the Allendale campus in 1971, 1973, and 1975. In attendance at the first Festival were poets Paul Blackburn, Gregory Corso, David Henderson, Toby Olson, John Logan, Robert Kelly, Al Young,...
Dates: 1971-1975

National Science Olympiad program files

Identifier: GV031-02
Abstract The Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC) serves students, teachers, parents, school districts, business and industry and other organizations interested and involved in mathematics and science education. Science Olympiad is an international non-profit organization seeking to improve the quality of science education partly through rigorous academic interscholastic competitions consisting of a series of team events balanced between science disciplines. The National Competition was held at Grand...
Dates: 1997 - 1998

Neostreet Arts

 Series — Box 78: [Barcode: aspace.r.127.Box.78]
Identifier: GV028-27
Abstract Art, poetry, and literature publication. November 1982
Dates: 1982

Network News

Identifier: RHP-05
Scope and Contents Published monthly serving the LGBT+ community network of Western Michigan.
Dates: Publication: 1988-2014

New Student Record

 Series — Box 112: [Barcode: aspace.r.234.Box.112]
Identifier: GV068-11
Abstract Published by the Student Activities Office to welcome new students. Includes photos of most students in yearbook format.
Dates: 1988-1989

New Student Register

 Series — Box 114: [Barcode: aspace.r.239.Box.114]
Identifier: GV068-16
Abstract Directory of campus scenes, campus organizations, pictures of freshman and transfer students. Produced for freshman students and sponsored by GVSC Student Foundations
Dates: 1983

New Views

 Series — Box 65: [Barcode: aspace.r.94.Box.65]
Identifier: GV026-01
Abstract Continuing Education Office newsletter.
Dates: 1974-1990

North Kent Advance

 Collection — Reel 1-9: [Barcode: aspace.r.605.reel.1-9]
Identifier: RHP-48
Collection Description Collection contains microfilmed issues of North Kent Advance from September 1983 to October 1989.
Dates: September 7, 1983 - October 3, 1989

North Kent Photo Reporter

 Collection — Reel 1-2: [Barcode: aspace.r.603.reel.1-2]
Identifier: RHP-46
Collection Description North Kent Photo Reporter was continued in 1980 by North Reporter. Collection contains microfilmed issues of North Kent Photo Reporter from October 1979 to December 1980.
Dates: Publication: October 2, 1979 - December 9, 1980

North Reporter

 Collection — Reel 1: [Barcode: aspace.r.604.reel.1]
Identifier: RHP-47
Collection Description North Reporter continued the North Kent Photo Reporter in 1980. Collection contains microfilmed issues of North Reporter from December 1980 to February 1982.
Dates: Publication: December 16, 1980 - February 9, 1082

Norton Lake Shore Examiner

Identifier: RHP-06
Scope and Contents Published weekly serving the 49441 zip code.
Dates: Publication: 1994-present

Las Noticias

 Series — Box 125: [Barcode: aspace.r.251.Box.125]
Identifier: GV075-02
Abstract Latin American Studies program newsletter.
Dates: 1998-2004


 Series — Box 78: [Barcode: aspace.r.128.Box.78]
Identifier: GV028-28
Abstract Student journal of opinion. Published on October 1967 for 1 issue.
Dates: 1967

Off-Campus Housing Grapevine/Commuter Grapevine

 Series — Box 110: [Barcode: aspace.r.224.Box.110]
Identifier: GV068-01
Abstract Office of Commuter Student Services newsletter.
Dates: 1975-1978

Office of Graduate Studies annual report

 Series — Box 1: [Barcode: aspace.r.175.Box.1]
Identifier: GV042-01
Abstract This annual report on the Graduate Studies program covers the functions, events, programs, and publications of the Office of Graduate Studies. The report also includes statistical data regarding student feedback.
Dates: 2009-2010

Office of Minority Affairs / Multicultural Center. Report to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control

Identifier: GV066-05
Overview 2001 Report to the Grand Valley State University from the Office of Minority Affairs/Multicultural Center. Later re-named Office of Multicultural Affairs, and later subsumed into the Division of Inclusion and Equity.
Dates: April 26, 2001

Hispanic Heritage: Life Journeys

 Series — Box 1
Identifier: GV066-04
Overview Hispanic Heritage: Life Journeys is a publication produced as a collaborative project of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, News and Information Services, and the Women's Center. It contains profiles of Hispanic students, faculty and staff at GVSU.
Dates: 2010